4-H and Youth Projects
Adult Restitution Collections
Aging Services Information and Referral
Birth and Death Records
Burning permits
Child Support Collections
Community Decay/Junk Vehicle Removal
Concealed weapons permits
County Budget and Financial Information
County Building/Zoning Regulations and Permits
County Law Enforcement and Services
County Road and Bridge Repair and Maintenance
County Rural Solid Waste Services
Court Orders/Subpoenas/Warrants/Small Claims Court
Court-Appointed Public Defenders
Emergency/Disaster Response and Preparations/EMS
Felony Arraignments
Flood Watch
Geographic Information System
Health services
Home Schooling Assistance and Registration
Jury Selection and Service
Juvenile Delinquent Support and Services
Marriage Licensing
Meals on Wheels
Noxious Weed and Mosquito Control
Passport Issuance
Personal Health
Property Taxes
Public Water Stations (Local)
Recorded Plats, Surveys, Land Titles, and Deeds
Rural animal control
Traffic Fine Collections
Vehicle Registration
Voter registration
West Nile Information

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